Each medium has unique strengths and weakness.
A trumpet may be effective for summoning troops in battle, but it probably wouldn't be a great tool for getting the attention of your boss...

Portable, easy to carry (magazine or newspaper), user in control of medium.

Evokes a strong response, has immediate, but very superficial, effect.

Easy to carry, user in complete control, relies on user's decision to participate.

Much more effective than images once the user commits to it.

Ability to evoke an emotional response quickly and subtly.

A powerful enhancement for video and images, but can easily be misused and produce opposite effect.

Immediately engaging. Movement and motion is strong form of communication.

Note how a combination of media will produce the most powerful (but not always positive) response.

Most basic of the senses. Highly effective.

Textural images and familiar sound (i.e. water running) can be used to invoke positive tactile memories.

Second most basic sense. Very difficult to suggest.

Combinations of media can invoke positive memories, creating very satisfying experiences.

(*HOT Media)



What in the world-wide-web is MULTI-Media?

Maybe you've noticed we have avoided the use of the term "multimedia" around here. That's because it's been overused and abused so much, we're not sure what it means anymore. We had thought it just meant more than one media, but few people think of movies, computer games and slide presentations as being "multi-media" anymore.

We at Graphic Sound and Vision want to celebrate the magic that each particular medium has to offer, and use it efficiently and effectively. Remember that great old book just a few illustrations that captivated you when you were young - or the first time you saw a live performance of dancers or musicians with colorful costumes and lighting effects? Contact us about your project, and tell us about your favorite "multi" media experience - even if it was Rocky IV.

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